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      Welcome to Positive Option Family Service, we are a non-profit treatment level Foster Family Agency offering community services and support for foster children and the families who care for them.

We offer a variety of professional services:
  • Supervised visitation.
           In our supervised visitation program, children can meet safely with their caregivers during court-ordered separation from home.

  • Parent education classes
           We offer classes to equip parents with tools that will prepare them for whatever challenges they may face.

  • Counseling and therapy
           We provide a variety of conseling and therapy services for both parents and children.

  • Foster parent training
           Our foster parents receive training and 24/7 support from highly trained Social Work professionals.

  •                                        Become A Foster Parent Today!

    Do you dream of helping a child in need? Have you thought that you could help a child to develop healthy self-esteem and build strong morals?

    Positive Option Family Service can help you achieve this goal. Open your heart and your home to children in need. Become a foster parent with Positive Option Family Service and give a child the opportunity to move beyond the past. Give a child the dream of a loving family! If you are interested in becoming a foster parent please click the Foster Care link to the left.

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Become A Foster Parent Today!

Positive Option Family Service is a non-profit, licensed foster care agency. We provide services to children, from birth to 19 years old, regardless of age, race, or disability. We believe that all children have the right to a loving, caring, and stable family life. It is our duty to uphold these rights as we help our foster children cope with the loss of their biological families. We train our foster parents to care for foster children with emotional and physical needs and disabilities, providing them with tools for coping with the many challenges that our children present. Our goal is to help our children and the families caring for them to live together in a cohesive family unit until they can reunite with their families, or start their own lives with skills that will help them to thrive for a lifetime.

Positive Option Family Service
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